Star Biriyani Barasat: A modern style new biriyani in barasat

Barasat Star Biriyani: Menu, contact number & location details

The new Barasat Star Biriyani being a unit by Star caterer association, situated near the Barasat District SP police office. There is a new talk about this restaurant. The restaurant is kind of budget restaurant, rather than a luxury restaurant as our star biriyani, which is also start biriyani located at paravana, krishnanagar.

Before starting the meal, the chef will ask you about your choice for spicy biriyani or mild biriyani. To be specific to their biriyani, spicy biriyani is Biriyani. If you prefer mild biriyani you can get a mix. And then, Biriyani is very hot with mutton biriyani being very spicy, so then you can get your biriyani fresh. The price of Biriyani will be based on the service and the quality of the biriyani.

Star biriyani barasat

The new Social media Trend Barasat Start biriyani is mainly comes from a unit of star caterer.

This new trend restaurant called Barasat Star biriyani menu is currently Mutton biriyani (Rs. 250/-), Chicken biriyani (Rs. 170/-), Aluu Biriyani (120/-) and chicken chap (Rs. 100/-).

Star biriyani Mutton biriyani with chicken chap

The Start Biriyani Restaurant in Barasat:

Distance from Barasat railway station:

1 km to central Barasat

About 2 km to Radha Manashree park

Barasat Start Biriyani Contact number: 7439477001

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